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How The Salon Industry Is Picking Up With Innovative Technology and systems ?

How The Salon Industry Is Picking Up With Innovative Technology and systems ?

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Technology, in recent times, is that Ark of Noah on which nearly all industries are boarding themselves to get rescued from the dangerous oceans of ambiguity. No sector has been left unblemished by the rich powers of technology. Businesses are growing, transiting, and flourishing with the aid of the current technological advancements. At such times, even the salon industry wants to make the most of upcoming technologies to improve their overall functioning and reap higher business gains. A variety of Salon Software has been introduced to make salons' functioning smooth and enhance their operations' revenue and scale.

Salon trends are constantly changing and, as a salon owner, it can be important to keep up with the new trends that dominate the salon industry. Although with the speedy pace of trends and the busy atmosphere of living in the salon, often it helps to keep up. Here's a list of the salon software trends to dominate 2021.

Staying up with the latest trends in the salon industry, the perfect way to make sure the customers have the best experience possible! That being said, patterns are evolving so much that it can be difficult to know what's in and what's out! Don't worry, we've got you covered!

The incorporation of these trends in your portfolio will help you to stay competitive in this groundbreaking marketplace. Salon software provides affordable, user-friendly software that helps to enhance your salon business growth. Now, get paid on any device while keeping your clients and workers safe and sound. The new contactless POS enables secure online and in-store payment experience.

Going Cashless

COVID-19 has made cash unpopular. This has made everyone move to cards and other cashless payments as well. No matter if you're a small business or a large merchant, our POS system works seamlessly with the salon software.

Contactless Payments With Tap To Pay

These days, clients are preferring contactless payment more than ever before and are expediting the checkout experience. Clients can now simply hold their device above the EMV Card Reader to complete their contactless payment.

Offer Clients Online Payments

Salon software helps to lessen the checkout time while shortening the in-store interactions by giving clients the option to pre-pay or put down advance when they book with you online. This will help safeguard your business against no-shows and even cancellations.

Check Clients Out On Their Phone

The COVID-Clean Checkout offers a safe payment experience to clients by directly sending part of the checkout window to your customers’ App. Clients can tap and sign-in on their device without having to touch any physical POS.

Appointment Scheduling

Save Time With Powerful Salon Scheduling

Online Booking

Choose Salon Scheduling That Works 24/7

Get booked on your own website, on the salon software for clients, the marketplace for the salon industry. Clients can also book appointments directly from your social media platforms via our booking integrations with Facebook.

Salon POS System

Offer Contactless Payment On Any Device

Salon software has all the software and hardware your tanning salon needs to provide a secure and fully contactless checkout experience.

Email, Text, Push Notifications

Automatically Update Clients & Staff

Forward automatic e-mail, SMS, and push alerts to clients and client appointments. Reduce no shows by giving clients a note about future salon appointments.

Client Management

Store All Client Information In One Place

To save contact information along with comprehensive client notes, intake forms, and signed waivers, use digital customer profiles. Look up online appointments, inventory orders, outstanding balance of gift cards, and other package details.


Create Digital Documents In Minutes

Easily build forms from scratch or change one of our templates to meet your needs. Via a connection on your website, distribute forms or append the form to an email, text or push notification. Clients will remotely complete forms and they will be saved to their client profile automatically.

Email Marketing & Text Marketing

Market To Clients Like A Pro

To connect with clients on a scale, automate email and text marketing.The drag-and-drop editor of salon Software makes it super simple to create stunning, branded emails and instant text marketing messages.

COVID-Clean Check-In

Prevent Crowded Waiting Rooms

Clients can now remotely check-in from their smartphone, and salon staff will also be informed of their arrival automatically. Salon software will send out a text, email, and push notification once the salon is ready for a client to come in.


Track Your Salon Business Results

Salon software is making salon management a breeze! Through running customized reports on sales, bookings, loyalty schemes, customer satisfaction, and more, salon owners can also track a dashboard to get key statistics at a glance.

Calendar Stay Organized

Monitor the schedules of several workers on one monitor. Adjust your availability at any time and arrange appointments when appropriate. Waitlist clients for the most prominent time slots. Schedule tools including tanning beds.


Promote Yourself

Start engaging new customers and raise customer engagement with marketing tools from a salon software package. Get featured in our salon & spa marketplace for your tanning salon. Promotions and offers for launch. To customize automatic email promotions, use our email module.

Online Booking

Get Booked And Paid 24/7

Offer your clients the chance to schedule their next visit as per their convenience. They can easily be booked from the salon software and can even pay at any time from anywhere.

Email, Text, Push Notifications

Notify Everyone

Email, text, or push alerts are delivered to you and your customers through Salon software. Your clients will never cancel another session and anytime someone books or re-schedules with you, you will find out immediately.

Client & Business Apps

Manage Everything On The Go

Away from the workstation? To plan services, visitors & employees, send automatic alerts & emails, sell items & packages, and charge credit cards, use the salon software App from anywhere!

Payment Processing & POS

Integrate Payment Processing

Handle payments from your device, using the same system you use to administer almost everything. Salon software has all the tools you need.

Customer Tracking

Be Personal

Know your clients and try to build connections by remembering their favorite tan color, childrens' names, birthdays, and much more at your fingertips. Look into their last and upcoming tanning sessions, purchases made, and gift card balances.


Track Your Results

Customize your dashboard to get key business information at a glimpse. Dig into the details by running customizable reports on your sales, bookings, and client retention.

Inventory & Shopping Cart

Sell More

Streamline the inventory management. Salon software identifies low quantities automatically so that you can build and submit purchasing orders in a timely manner. Sell online products and gift certificates. Offer an in-store pick-up or calculate shipping costs automatically.

Wrap Up

Things move fast in the salon industry, and glitches occur frequently. Offer a better experience by reviewing the comments and feedback from your clients. You can also link the feedback along with the transactional message directly to the client's phone number.

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