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SAAS Based Event
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SAAS Based Event Ticketing Platform

Proposed platform is SaaS based revolutionary ticketing and management platform developed to address the issue of ticket scalping where automated bots buy event tickets in bulk and then resell later at higher cost resulting in loss to customers who genuinely want to buy tickets. The platform has been developed to cater this issue which is an intuitive cloud-based platform allowing Fans, Event Organizers and Performers to utilise this to get right information on events and tickets. Dynamic dashboard has been built that allows venue owners and exhibitors to create events, publish events and reach customers directly and view the key analytics from anywhere, control the markets to ensure fair prices are charged.


  • Venue listing and Event creation for event organisers 
  • Free and Paid event listing options 
  • Multiple types tickets creation options 
  • Easy refunds and additional sales tax management for event organisers 
  • Calendar and Scheduling options (Timeslot based events, Single events, Recurring events) 
  • Tiered ticket pricing options
  • Seating Management- Integrated
  • Complimentary tickets creation 
  • Online widgets - for easy ticket integration with customer website 
  • Detailed analytics suite -  get real time analytics on how event ticket selling is going on and type of userbase coming up
  • Mobile ticket Scanning App
  • Easy refunds and payouts option
  • Messaging system 
  • Secret code and Coupons system 
  • Bulk Email 


Addiction Substance Abuse Management Addiction Substance Abuse Management Addiction Substance Abuse Management MongoDB NodeJS GraphQL Stripe Plivo Npm Apollo Mangoose ExpressJS TS Seats IO Lerna

Technical Implementation

  • Used Express server with apollo server express for graphql api and mongo db as database service.
  • Implemented stream with Google Cloud storage and graphql upload express for storing all the files.
  • Implemented Intercom API for Messaging and chat 
  • Implemented moment js is used for all timing related calculations.
  • Implemented node-mailer with node-mailer-sendgrid for sending emails and mjml for email templates.
  • Plivo is implemented for messaging (SMS/MMS) related tasks, like sending otps and sending SMS and MMS campaigns.
  • Implemented Stripe for payment integration for charging monthly subscription and also for deduction of other services charges.
  • Joi is used for validations of request data.
  • Eslint and husky are implemented for code level verification in application and for github.
  • Esm is used for using es6 modules.
  • Nodemon is used for checking the code updations during developments.
  • Implemented React-JS - Declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • React router dom implemented  for navigating between views
  • GraphQL implemented for querying data from the backend.
  • Implemented styled-components for component-level styles in application.
  • Apollo Client is implemented as a comprehensive state management library that enables you to manage both local and remote data with GraphQL.
  • Implemented react-dropzone for handling the dragging and dropping of files
  • Implemented react renderer for creating PDF files on the browser and server.
  • React hot toast for displaying notifications to users.
Technical Implementations Technical Implementations

Project Screenshots

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Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
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