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SAAS Based Workflow
Automation Solution

SAAS Based E-Commerce Marketplace and Workflow Automation Solution

The objective of proposed application, SAAS Based E-commerce marketplace and Workflow Automation Solution is to “Develop multiple software offerings to help local florist better compete against their larger competitors.”
Proposed system is offered as subscription-based software platform that offers following features for florists, customers and receivers of orders.


  • CRM solution for florists
  • SaaS based subscription software for florists and customers
  • Point of Sale (POS) (SaaS based) for florists – to be used on iPads to directly sell products in their store to walk-in customers in real time
  • Website interface for application users (Consumer facing and florist’s back-office admin functionality)
  • Consumer facing Mobile app (iOS, Android)
  • Florist facing mobile app (iOS, Android)
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