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The application is a green-tech platform that combats climate change, for free, when users shop online. The platform has formed affiliate marketing relationships with over 7500+ of the largest online retailers and startups. When users shop using a green-t


  • Extension - The Shopping Extensions are built for multiple browsers like chrome and Firefox, which get activated automatically and apply the best discount codes available from 25,000+ online stores when the user visits any of the partner sites of the said Green- Tech Platforms.
  • Affiliate Bots - The Bots are used to perform automated jobs on all affiliate networks. Following are the types of jobs for each network:
    • Applying to new programs
    • Send follow-up email to pending programs
    • Reapplying and sending email to declined programs
    • Accepting offers from programs
  • Custom Content PDF Generator - Used for generating files (PDFs) for schools or universities.
  • Calculators - It is used to develop calculators in JavaScript and calculators can be integrated into other Carbon Offset projects using the short code. We have developed the following calculators:
    • Flight Carbon Emission Calculator
    • Car Carbon Emission Calculator
  • Partner - It is used as a scheduler for running background jobs for various affiliate networks. It is deployed on AWS beanstalk. Below is the list of networks and types of jobs executed for each network.
  • API - It acts as multipurpose APIs accessed by UCaptue Website, UCapture Extension and also to perform background tasks. Many API methods are hosted on Microsoft Azure to access directly like a CDN.
Addiction Substance Abuse Management Addiction Substance Abuse Management Addiction Substance Abuse Management Cosmos DB Node js Angular Amazon DynamoDB Puppeteer Elastic Beanstalk Azure Gulp Webpack .NET Core AWS Cognito JavaScript TypeScript AWS Express js Web Components


  • Created flight carbon emission calculator where user input source, destination and then it calculates carbon emission by flight. Bound source and destination dropdown from airports JSON and after selection of source and destination, it calculates the distance between source and destination and applies formula on it and shows carbon emission.
  • Created a car emission calculator where user input year, make, model, and distance in miles, and then it calculates carbon emission by car. Bound year, make and model dropdown from vehicles JSON and it applies formula on it and shows carbon emission by car on a particular distance
  • Written scraping scripts for reading values from checkout pages of following sites for flight calculator:
    • Expedia
    • CheapOAir
    • Priceline
  • Used autocomplete for binding all dropdowns to increase usability
  • Restful APIs with Amazon Cognito for authentication management and Azure Cosmos DB for database management.
  • Background Jobs for creating cache to reduce database hits. Redis Cache is also used with Lua Scripts.
  • Alexa Ranker API to get particular site details and similar sites etc
  • FluentScheduler is used for running various jobs on each Network. Scheduling a job depends upon the rate limit of the Network’s APIs.
  • Created overlay of extensions and shown on partner sites in shadow dom.
  • Implemented Message Passing to send background messages.
  • Created an options page for an extension to manage its localStorage data.
  • Used puppeteer to perform automation for each job of the network in NodeJS like goto, click, keyboard.type, evaluate, waitFor, waitForNavigation, waitForSelector, waitForFunction, etc.
  • Error handling to handle app crashes and if an error occurred then it starts on the next jobs and Logging of each job through console log.
  • Stored and modified records in Amazon DynamoDB
  • Show extension in the popup so that its default overlay can be assessed in a new tab, options page, etc. of the browser.
  • Deployed application to Amazon BeanStalk
  • Injected the script into the extension to automatically like/follow Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn page.
  • Dynamic pdf generation using hummus
  • Created Angular components using Custom Elements so that they can be used in a simple HTML file as well as any front end technology using npm.
  • Created project in angular and done setup using ng-package to convert angular components to packages and can be published over npm.
  • Created the following components:
    • Flight Calculator
    • Payment form
    • Projects Dropdown
    • Save Payment Card UI
Technical Implementations Technical Implementations Technical Implementations

Project Screenshots

Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
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