Hire Remote Developers

Hire Remote Developers

If you want technology to work wonders for you, hire remote developers from DITS while ensuring quick turn-around!

Talent is everywhere. So why limit your search for the best-dedicated developers in your zip code? DITS provides you world-class engineers, programmers, engineers and coders- helping you scale your development team.

The benefits of hiring an offshore team are not just limited to cost-effectiveness; the access to the unlimited talent pool this approach provides is a huge advantage as well. DITS has a tried and tested method to select the cream of the crop and provide you with industry-best developers on your roster.

Why Hire Remote Developers from DITS?

Offer You
Increased Flexibility

Changing a tech-stack can be challenging with an in-house team. Since DITS employs dedicated developers talented in various technologies, you can easily change between different teams, like from PHP developers to .NET developers. You also have the freedom to add or remove a developer with an offshore team.

Hire Remote Developers with Flexible Hiring Models

Hire Remote Developers with Flexible Hiring Models

Fixed Cost Model

The fixed cost model is perfect for large and pre-defined projects. In this model, you get a fixed price but with a milestone-based payment model. You start with project discussion, interviewing developers and move on to the development process where the progress of the project is reviewed once every two weeks.

Dedicated Development Model

A full-time dedicated development is best for large and fast-paced projects. There are guaranteed (---) monthly hours dedicated to your project. Your project requirements and developer skills are matched. After discussing project milestones, the development process starts with daily updates on project progress via Skype, email and calls. Team size in this model can be scaled up and down as per requirement.

Hourly Hiring Model

This model is perfect for small projects. In this model, you pay as you go- meaning you are charged for actual time/effort spent by your offshore developer.

Hire Remote Developers


Hire Remote Developers

Our Offerings


We build absolutely intuitive UI and high-end web architecture that ensures that your users have the best visual experience.

  • Angular
  • React
  • Sass

We assure airtight security in our backend development to ensure that your project meets the highest standards possible.

  • PHP
  • Asp.NET
  • Nodejs

For an Agile and scalable project, DITS developers are adept at integrating a variety of database technologies into your project.

  • MongoDB
  • SQL Server
  • MySQL

Cloud platforms are a plus point for our full stack development team to bring Cloud hosting, storage, and various cloud-based services.

  • Azure
  • Hosting

Our UI/UX designing policy is to lure the users to use the software interface for CRMs, Social Networks & E-commerce Marketplaces.

  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
Version Control

For the purpose of committing codes, we use various version controls such as GIT, GitHub, TFS, SVN.

  • GIT
  • Visual Studio
PM & Tools

We use various communication tools to simplify the development process such as JIRA, Trello, Plan.io, Slack, Zoom, Skype.

  • Slack
  • JIRA
Test Automation

Quality Analysis ensures best app development while quality control ensures all development practices around quality are strictly followed.

  • Test Automation

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