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Software Development Technology Stack

Using Trailblazing Technologies To Develop Progressive Software Solutions.

DITS is a technology-age software development company in the truest sense. We are constantly researching new technologies and tools that can help us create new-age digital products that work beyond the hype- software solutions that offer the prospect of revolutionizing the entire industry.


IBM AS400 RPG Development

Need to update, maintain, or modernize your legacy applications running in the IBM i environment? DITS offers cutting-edge RPG development services. Our seasoned RPG programmers empower businesses with a range of development, integration, maintenance, modernization, and support solutions. We build high-performing, user-centric applications by leveraging IBM stack and deploy best-fit solutions while keeping a close eye on efficiency, security, and user experience.

Our services include:
  • IBM i Application Development
  • IBM i Application Management
  • iSeries Software Development
  • IBM iSeries AS400 Modernization
  • IBM iSeries AS400 Migration
  • IBM i Integration
  • IBM i Interface Support
  • Third-Party Apps Support

At DITS, we combine our domain expertise and proven agile development methodologies with tech frameworks to provide you with a gamut of RPG development services tailored to your business requirements.


.NET Development

A .NET development company like DITS can become your partner in creating .Net applications of any complexity. We primarily focus on custom .Net development and .Net growth for startups, SMBs and large enterprises utilizing ASP .NET, Web API development, and ASP.NET Core.

We are competent to provide the desired custom application development solutions as per the specific needs of the clients - be it webforms / legacy conversions / developing a custom web application using the latest technologies for web development ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC (Model-View-Controller), Azure. Patterns like MVC and built-in support for Dependency Injection.

Hire ASP.NET developers having expertise in latest versions of Entity Framework, Entity Framework Core and have been developing solutions architectures in Monilithic, N-Layered, clean architecture, ASP.NET Core Architecture, The Repository Pattern and Microservices. We also use .NET Core for our server applications for the following application’s success.

  • Cross-platform support
  • Use of microservices
  • Use of Docker containers
  • High performance and scalability requirements
  • Hand-in-hand versioning of .NET versions by application on the same server

At DITS, we combine our domain expertise and proven agile development methodologies with tech frameworks to provide you with a gamut of RPG development services tailored to your business requirements.


Our Key .NET Technology Stack Involves –

.NET Languages
.NET Platforms
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Designing Tools

We ideate, frame, and design the digital designing concepts for web and mobile applications. Our unique expertise in design development can aid businesses to tap the revolutionary potential of designing with our skilled and experienced designers. DITS follow a process to dive deep into each project detail, take a comprehensive understanding and provide complete designing solutions.

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    Adobe Photoshop
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    Adobe Illustrator
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    Experience Design
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    In Design
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Front-end Development

We at DITS understand your business's objectives and aids in creating top-notch solutions that meet your requirements leveraging the best front-end development technologies and practices. Our full stack developers have extensive experience in frontend technologies. We build well-bred web, mobile applications, cross-browser and cross-platform websites utilizing Polymer, HTML5, Javascript, Typescript, CSS3, Scss, Less, AngularJS, Node.js, React.js, Vuejs, Bootstrap, Wordpress, UI/UX Design, Responsive Mobile Design.

Hire front-end developers from DITS as they are highly dedicated and professionals. They use all the latest technologies and work with the client-side of applications while coding every single thing a user views and clicks.


Our Key Front-End Technology Stack Involves –


Open-Source Technologies

Open source development has taken an evolution in the contemporary market. Unmatched features, affordable price, effectiveness, and rich performance are some of the traits that make open source development highly favored. You can also harness the benefits of open source technologies to develop your own customized, dynamic applications and manage your open source ecosystem with an intelligent technology partner like DITS. We ensure to deliver scalable solutions right from scratch, till providing reliable open source codes and apps for businesses. Hire php developers from DITS having enormous experience in developing user-friendly, scalable, and secure solutions using open source technologies like:

  • Python
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Node JS
  • Codeigniter
  • Java

We, at DITS, endeavor to acknowledge the requirements of businesses and to address accurate solutions while keeping you ahead of the technology curve utilizing the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies.


Our Open-Source Technology Stack involves

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IoT is a concept of a system where all its objects are interconnected with each other via the Internet. DITS has been working for businesses - from startups and medium firms to well-established companies - to turn their ideas into MVPs and full-scale IoT systems. With a great tech team of full-stack developers and industry experts, we understand all the specifics of the IoT concept. We have attained rich expertise in the domain, and now there are no unconnectable things for us. Our experts integrate gateways, utilizes edge devices integration, and cloud platforms to provide you with a perfectly-architected IoT ecosystem.

Our IoT team had worked on applications like Occupancy Sensors, HVAC, Lighting Control and Power Meter Sensors that can collect, relay, and act on the shared Real-Time Data while complying with all industry standards using Stream Analytics,COSMOS and DYNAMO db. Using the latest technologies like Microsoft Azure, AWS, Azure IOT HUb and Edge device we have also aid businesses to drive decisions in real-time while building:

  • Cloud Based Remote Monitoring IOT Dashboard
  • Energy Management System
  • Building Management System
  • Lightning Control System

Mobile Application Development

The upsurge rise in mobile users across the globe has made data consumption pretty extensive. It has also unfolded a chance for businesses to think and implement innovative business ideas for application development. DITS comprises a dedicated mobile application development team having years of experience in creating cross-platform mobile applications.

Cross-Platform App Development

Hybrid development technologies allow you to make an app that will run on both Android and iOS. With the right approach, they can save on development costs without compromising the UI or speed of the application.

Cross Platform Apps

React Native | Ionic | Cordova

Our professional team of developers follows the latest trends and the state-of-the-art technologies utilizing the cross-platform frameworks. DITS’s cross platform app developers bring this benefit to your place while eventually helping in lessening costs and increasing performance and visibility of the app while decreasing the time to market. Having hands-on experience in React Native, Ionic and Cordova we have built robust and innovative cross platform hybrid apps for MVPs, Startups, SMBs and large enterprises.


Our Mobile Application Development Stack involves

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QA - Manual and Automation

Quality is one of the keystones of software development services . Efficient testing can be done in different forms – manually, with or without specific tools, or totally in automated mode. Keeping clients' customized specifications at the core, DITS offer a comprehensive set of Manual and Automated Testing Services adhering to standard quality assurance practices and processes.

Manual Testing

There are always cases when human reasoning cannot be replaced, which makes manual tests an essential part of quality assurance. During manual testing, our professional QA directly interacts with the software and makes sure that the features behave as expected utilizing Test case management tool Testrail.

Here at DITS, we have streamlined the manual software testing process that encompasses a set of procedures:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Test plan and strategy development
  • Test case design
  • Tests execution
  • Bugs reporting
  • Retests of fixed issues
Automation Testing

In case of small projects, manual testing is often enough. But when it grows in scale, automation testing brings better ROI. DITS has a pool of dedicated, agile & skilled automation testers, who use a scalable test automation suite that consists of various automation testing tools Cypress, Selenium, Nunit and Nsubstitue for effective & reliable test automation. We also offer Test-Driven Development (TDD)utilizing the integration of Cypress within TestRail.


Our QA - Manual And Automation Stack involves

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PM and Communication

Hassle-free communication via your own preferred channels with our dedicated developers for daily real-time updates and status. For effortless communication we utilize tools like Trello, Slack, Zoom, Skype, Jira, Planio, Basecamp and Pivotal Tracker with agile Methodology.

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