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SAAS Based Business
Automotive Industry

Business and workflow automation

SAAS Based Business Workflow Automation Suite of Apps for Automotive Industry

To provide SAAS based high-tech management solutions to automotive, collision and heavy duty truck repair industries with the help of applications which helps the shops grow and do the data analytics. Starting from doing business analysis using the Business Analysis app to defining KPI parameters for their businesses, access to all data points in real time along with a 360 degree view for better clarity of businesses.. The app also focus on working on improving the overall skills of employees using the Training app which focus on Checklists , Assignments and Categories using various tools like diagrams , powerpoints, playbooks (Attach videos, audio, and images). The repair shops can increase profits , offers clients access to all data points in real time.


  • Shop Management System
  • Customer Retention Manager
  • Online Reputation management
  • Web – Website Management
  • Digital Vehicle Inspections Application 
  • Employee Management Portal
  • Training Application - Skills app 
  • Surveys
  • SBA – Shop Business Analysis
  • Skills – (SDC) Skills Ability Checks
  • Reports – 
  • KPI – Key Performance Indicators
  • Settings Application 
  • User Friendly dashboard access.
  • Widget Based Dashboards
  • 300+ Reports 
  • Multi-Tenant 
Addiction Substance Abuse Management Newtonsoft Entity Framework Jira Software ASP.NET MVC AutoMapper DevExtreme OWIN Bridge.Newtonsoft.Json Cypress Nager.Date Intuit Dapper ASP.NET Boilerplate Nito.AsyncEx Facebook TestRail DevX Drawer components Castle.Core Angular JS DevExpress Swashbuckle.Core DevExpress.Web.Mvc Castle.LoggingFacility
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