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Custom Application Development




Custom Healthcare Software Development Company: Right From Ideation To Launch And Its Maintenance

Healthcare companies thrive to provide the best possible healthcare, but the unprecedented hurdles they face in terms of improving the quality of care delivered in fragmented supply chains, reduced cost margins, sky-high R&D costs, and compliance constraints at the same time is inevitable. The importance of modifying healthcare operations as more dynamic, agile, and affordable has been duly emphasized. We have developed solutions from scratch, maintained and enhanced solutions as per the state and federal regulations and compliances while supporting all primary interoperability standards, including HL7, ICD-9, ICD-10, CDA, CCR, Third Party Integrations and Compliances (HIPAA) and more.

Our Healthcare Software Solutions

We strive to build robust, custom-built healthcare software solutions and healthcare mobile applications while operating as a digital consultant for health institutions to accomplish digital transformation initiatives to deliver secure, business-centric, user-friendly services seamlessly.

Electronic Medical Record

Manage the patient’s health records better and enhance the care delivery with compliant EMR software. We develop custom EMR applications to fit clients’ practices, enabling them to reduce unnecessary paperwork and improve clinical productivity.

Electronic Health Record

Speed up your clinical operations with custom EHR solutions. Track patients’ demographics, manage test results & medications, collect patients’ health records, carry out diagnoses, devise treatment plans, and automate clinical workflow to improve healthcare outcomes.

Personal Health Record

Looking for a secure, reliable, and convenient way to share personal healthcare information? We offer cost-effective PHR solutions customized to your needs. We strictly adhere to regulatory standards and provide identical features that simplify patient record system adoption.

Healthcare Compliance Solutions

Streamline your healthcare compliance with our user-friendly software solutions. Whether you are looking to build healthcare-compliant software from scratch or want to ensure that your existing software is healthcare compliant, we have answers to all your concerns.

TeleHealth & TeleMedicine

Save your time and money with our custom TeleHealth & TeleMedicine solutions. Our healthcare developers can build custom apps and augment existing solutions, allowing patients and healthcare providers to connect virtually.

Home Health & Care Management Solutions

At DITS, we offer custom home health & care management solutions that enable hospitals, clinics, or healthcare networks to provide quality medical care to the patients at their doorstep.

Laboratory & Pharmacy Systems Integration

At DITS, we understand the operational challenges a laboratory faces. In order to overcome those challenges, we provide custom lab & pharmacy management systems that offer a wide range of modules and features that let you manage both inpatient & outpatient testing procedures, patient check-ins & check-outs, keep track of lab inventory, etc.

Practice Management Solutions

Build comprehensive, highly scalable practice management solutions to automate the entire patient journey and improve profitability. We custom design and develop practice management software that offers easy integration with EHR software, and comes with features, like treatment scheduling, insurance cover validation, etc.

Population Health Management Solutions

Improve medical outcomes with custom population health management software.

SaaS-Based Healthcare Applications

Unlock benefits, like cost-effectiveness, reliable backups, better scalability, and improved security with our SaaS-based custom healthcare solutions.

Patient Engagement & Monitoring Solutions

Transform patient care with our IoT-based remote patient monitoring solutions. We help you build high-performance RPM software that enables virtual care via remote monitoring and real-time data solutions.

Behavioral Healthcare Solutions

Redefine the care delivery models with our end-to-end behavioral healthcare solutions. Our healthcare developers can help you develop user-friendly platforms to assist you in managing clinical, behavioral health billing, and telemedicine requirements.

Custom Healthcare Software Development

We are a custom healthcare software development company delivering world-class development services to improve the quality of care. From clinical management to remote patient monitoring and laboratory inventory management, we cater to all healthcare segments and build innovative solutions that drive results.

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