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Custom Healthcare Software Development

Custom Healthcare Software Development

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Healthcare companies thrive to provide the best possible healthcare, but the unprecedented hurdles they face in terms of improving the quality of care delivered in fragmented supply chains, reduced cost margins, sky-high R&D costs, and compliance constraints at the same time is inevitable.

The importance of modifying healthcare operations as more dynamic, agile, and affordable has been duly emphasized. We have developed custom healthcare solutions from scratch, maintained and enhanced solutions as per the state and federal regulations and compliances while supporting all primary interoperability standards, including HL7, ICD-9, ICD-10, CDA, CCR, Third Party Integrations and Compliances (HIPAA) and more.


We strive to build robust, custom-built healthcare software solutions and healthcare mobile applications while operating as a digital consultant for health institutions to accomplish digital transformation initiatives to deliver secure, business-centric, user-friendly services seamlessly.

Modernize with advanced healthcare software development services


There is a huge demand for EHR systems in healthcare for institutes that want to streamline patient care and make it more efficient. Our custom software can help speed up the process of tracking patient information, improve the accuracy of billing records, and reduce the amount of paperwork associated with patient care.

We can build applications designed to provide maximum flexibility, allowing you to customize to meet the specific needs of your practice. With advanced electronic health record software, you can save time and money while providing the highest quality care to your patients.

Telehealth and Telemedicine

Telehealth software revolutionizes the way healthcare is delivered by connecting patients and providers remotely. With our telehealth applications, patients can access medical advice, consultations and care from the comfort of their own homes, saving time and reducing exposure to illness.

Providers benefit from a wider reach, increased efficiency and cost savings from reducing in-person visits. Whether you're a busy hospital or a provider looking to expand your practice, telehealth software offers a convenient, accessible and effective solution for modern healthcare.

Laboratory & Pharmacy Systems Integration

At DITS, we understand the operational challenges a laboratory faces. In order to overcome those challenges, we provide custom lab & pharmacy management systems that offer a wide range of modules and features that let you manage both inpatient & outpatient testing procedures, patient check-ins & check-outs, keep track of lab inventory, etc.

Practice Management Solutions

Build comprehensive, highly scalable practice management solutions to automate the entire patient journey and improve profitability. We custom design and develop practice management software that offers easy integration with EHR software, and comes with features, like treatment scheduling, insurance cover validation, etc.

SaaS-Based Healthcare Applications

SaaS-based healthcare software streamlines patient care and administrative processes, delivering cost-effective solutions that drive efficiency and improve patient outcomes. With cloud-based accessibility and regular updates, healthcare providers can rest assured they are using the latest technology to manage patient information, schedule appointments, and collaborate with other care providers.

Say goodbye to outdated software and hello to a future of seamless, integrated healthcare with our SaaS-oriented healthcare software.

Behavioral Healthcare Solutions

Behavioral healthcare solutions leverage technology to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and management of mental health and substance use disorders. These solutions can include a range of tools and services, such as telehealth services, mobile apps, and virtual reality therapy and are designed to enhance access to care, improve patient engagement, and reduce the stigma associated with seeking mental health and substance use disorder treatment.

By using behavioral healthcare solutions, patients can receive care from the comfort of their own homes, and healthcare providers can reach a larger population of patients who may not have access to traditional in-person care.

DITS has set a new standard for behavioral healthcare solutions. Our cutting-edge custom software empowers behavioral health and human services organizations to achieve their mission of helping those in need. Our applications allow configuration of processes for each client, their role, and the patients they serve making the programs truly flexible and versatile.

Custom Healthcare Software Development

Custom healthcare software development services are specialized software solutions that cover electronic health record (EHR) systems, patient portals, telehealth platforms, and other applications that are tailored to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers and patients. By using our solutions, you can improve the efficiency and accuracy of your operations, enhance patient satisfaction levels, and provide more personalized care. You can also use our solutions to stay ahead of your competitors by incorporating the latest technologies and regulatory requirements into your operations.

DITS works with medical professionals and healthcare organizations to develop custom medical software that can comply with strict privacy regulations, streamline workflows, and enable them to provide advanced, accessible, and high-quality care for their patients. With years of industry experience, we are able to help such entities become leaders in the industry, ultimately improving the lives of patients.

Personal Health Record

A Personal Health Record (PHR) is a digital record that contains an individual's health information, such as their medical history, medications they use, their test results, and allergies. PHRs are designed to help patients become more active in managing their health by providing them with a centralized location to store and access their health information.

With direct and easy access to health information, patients can avail improved overall health, more informed decision-making, and improved communication with their healthcare institutions. This data is accessible online through a mobile app, or through other digital platforms.

At DITS, we offer the most advanced PHR solutions to help patients take charge of their health and wellbeing. Our custom software can allow patients to securely store and easily access their medical information from any location and are designed to provide the highest level of security, accuracy, and ease of use, giving the patients peace of mind that their health records are safe and protected.

Population Health Management Solutions

Population health management solutions include the use of data analytics, technology, and other tools to improve the health outcomes of an entire population. These solutions are designed to help healthcare groups identify and address the health needs of large groups of people, rather than individual patients.

By studying population health data, a pharma or healthcare company can identify trends, risk factors, and areas of need, and then develop the appropriate measures to address these issues. With the increasing focus on value-based care and population health in general, population health management solutions are becoming increasingly vital for healthcare institutions looking to improve the health of people dependent on them.

Our population health management solutions allow you to identify potential health concerns, track and monitor patient data, and make data-driven decisions. These solutions are also designed to improve care support and patient engagement, allowing you to provide more reliable and effective care to the population.

Home Health & Care Management Solutions

Home health and care management solutions help individuals to receive high-quality care in the comfort of their own homes. These solutions can include a range of services, such as skilled nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and personal care services. Home health and care management solutions are particularly beneficial for individuals who are recovering from an illness or injury, managing a chronic disease, or need assistance with activities of daily living. By providing care at home, these solutions can help individuals maintain their independence, improve their quality of life, and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations or institutionalization.

Our comprehensive home health & care management solutions allow users to monitor and manage the health of their loved ones from any place. These solutions are designed to help users receive the care they need in a comfortable and familiar environment, while also reducing healthcare costs and improving outcomes.

mHealth Solutions

Mobile health, or mHealth, is a fast-growing field that leverages mobile technology to provide healthcare solutions to patients. mHealth solutions can include mobile apps, wearable devices, and other connected devices that aid patients to track their health status, communicate with healthcare providers, and access health information. The majority of these solutions are designed to improve patient engagement, increase access to care, and reduce healthcare costs.

At DITS, our mission is to provide top-notch custom mobile health services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We are proud to have successfully delivered a wide variety of custom mobile health solutions using rapid mobile app development platforms (RMADs) or low-code development options. Our team of experts have all the necessary experience to develop highly reliable and scalable native apps for different platforms. From wearables such as smartwatches to all iOS and Android smartphones, we cover m-Health software solutions for all platforms.

Healthcare Compliance Solutions

Healthcare service providers have to comply with many regulations and standards such as HIPPA, HITECH, and other privacy laws. At DITS, we offer a range of tools and services, such as compliance assessments, training programs, and software platforms that can help you manage and monitor your compliance efforts.

We understand that healthcare compliance solutions are critical for ensuring that patient data is protected, and that healthcare organizations operate in a legally and ethically responsible manner. By implementing our compliance solutions, you can reduce the risk of regulatory fines and legal liabilities, as well as enhance patient trust and confidence in your services. As regulations continue to evolve, healthcare compliance solutions like ours are becoming increasingly important for healthcare organizations looking to stay ahead of the bend and ensure that they are meeting their compliance obligations. So, feel free to reach out to us for any clarifications and support in this area.

Patient Engagement & Monitoring Solutions

Patient engagement and monitoring solutions are designed to help patients take a more active role in their healthcare and improve their fitness. These solutions can include mobile apps, wearable products, and other connected devices that enable patients to track their health parameters, receive reminders for medications and appointments, and connect with respective healthcare providers.

By using our patient engagement and monitoring solutions, you can improve patient engagement, increase their dedication to treatment plans, and reduce healthcare costs by preventing hospital re-admissions and other costly healthcare aspects. Our solutions can also enhance communication between patients and healthcare companies, leading to better care delivery and better patient satisfaction. With the increasing focus on value-based care and patient centered care, our patient-engagement and monitoring solutions are becoming greatly important for health businesses looking to improve the health services for their patients. Institutions can also use our solutions to improve brand loyalty and instill trust in your patients.


Modernize with advanced healthcare software development services

Custom Healthcare Software Development:

DITS is a leading custom healthcare software development company that has been assisting healthcare companies, hospitals, clinics, etc. for many years now. Its clients are located across the globe who have observed impressive business growth with use of the company’s wide range of advanced medical software development services for specific healthcare needs.

At DITS, we have a highly talented and experienced team comprising of front end and back-end developers, QA engineers, graphics designers, etc. who have an in-depth understanding of the modern healthcare ecosystem. Our flexible engagement models and cross-disciplinary expertise has enabled us to be counted amongst the top healthcare software development companies in the world today.


SaaS-based healthcare applications

Enrich and personalize the healthcare experience for your patients with our advanced mobile healthcare solutions and applications.


Predictive analytics

Streamline business operations and processes to push your market positioning without any constraints and give patient care your undivided attention. DITS has years of experience in the software development healthcare industry that allows it to offer scalable and reliable solutions basis clients’ needs.


Improve Security & Compliance

Take your healthcare enterprise to the next level without worrying about compliance norms such as HIPPA and HITECH. DITA engineers are well-versed in these standards and regulations and keep such requirements in mind when involved in any form of healthcare custom software development.


Enhance Collaboration

Enable seamless collaboration between medical experts and professionals from different locations and backgrounds. Take your healthcare services to next level by pooling the domain knowledge of different professionals through our high-level technology.


Our healthcare app development compliance-friendly platforms

Compliance and data security is extremely important in healthcare. At DITS, we understand its gravity which is why we go to great lengths to ensure that our code is robust and devoid of any functions that can be exploited. Our software applications go through rigorous testing before they are delivered to the clients for their complete satisfaction.


We ensure that our applications are fully secure and protect the sensitive information of patients, healthcare institutions, vendors, and clients on the hardware used and also while data is transmitted through client-server models. In this way, our applications become HIPPA complaint.


We are well-informed of the HITECH Act and strive to build software applications that can pass all HITECH audits and comply with the ACT’s security norms


In our healthcare software development process, we abide by the concepts and SaMD risk categories provided by the International Medical Device Regulators Forum for for a medical software development company.

custom healthcare software solutions

Frequently asked questions (faq’s)

Healthcare software development is the process of creating software applications that are used in the healthcare industry. These applications are used to manage and track patient records, medical billing, electronic health records (EHRs), pharmacy management systems, etc.

Yes, we provide a wide range of custom medical and healthcare software devilment solutions. Please contact us at info@ditstek.com or call the number +91172-4080477 to discuss your requirements and get a free quote.

AI-enabled healthcare development is the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to develop healthcare solutions. This includes the development of predictive analytics, natural language processing, etc. to improve patient care and healthcare management. These technologies can be used to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

Yes, we develop mobile healthcare applications for both iOS and Android platforms.

Our healthcare IoT development services are services that involve developing solutions for connecting healthcare systems and devices to the Internet of Things (IoT). These services help healthcare organizations to connect and monitor their assets, track patient data, improve patient care, and ensure the security and privacy of healthcare data.

Yes, we also sign NDA.

The cost of customised medical software can vary. The total cost is determined by the time, materials, and complexity of the software solution you intend to build.

Also, The duration of development depends on the number of features, design, complexity, deadline, and business goals. We priorities clients who intend to make a long-term commitment. The ideal project duration is six months. During this time, we encourage a high level of collaboration in order to deliver a product that best meets your needs on time.

We provide the entire medical software development life cycle:

  • WMVP discovery phase production
  • User Interface/UX Design
  • Web and mobile application development
  • Quality Control
  • Support

When developing any healthcare application, we ensure that it offers robust security, follows privacy regulations and quality standards, and prioritizes user experience.


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