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Customized Business Process Management And Workflow Automation System

Customized Business Process Management And Workflow Automation System

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In many companies - the employees complain of being overloaded with the day to day work BUT the efficiency and productivity is very less and there is no way to measure the cause of the same. Even the best workers spend too much time performing menial, tedious tasks that ultimately add little value.

In most of the cases the processes are not structured and data management is being done manually on paper. Using spreadsheets and manual methods to track data has an impact on data integrity and availability of information. Businesses are finding new ways to integrate apps and automate as much as possible, leaving businesses more time to spend on strategies requiring human input instead of repetitive admin work.

Here comes the need for implementing business process management and workflow systems which provide effective and efficient ways to capture, track, analyze and apply information to organizational needs and outcomes.

We have implemented Business Process Management and Workflow System for some business niches (correctional facilities / rehab centres / pre release centres) as there was a need to automate and modernize the business process along with existing legacy computer systems. Case study to showcase how companies used business process management to solve real-world business problems and where we have helped them achieve the desired goals.

DITS was involved in analysis of niche business of pre release centres. The centres were using legacy systems (access based) and the overall efficiency of the centre specially the coordinators / case managers was being hampered as most of the time was being used in day to day file management and data entry and the core work of working with the clients

To overcome the day to day issues with repetitive, manual, paper-based workflows -- goals were defined focusing on business improvements to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Access to accurate and complete client information.
  • Improved use of staff time.
  • Ability to monitor the programs’ effectiveness with respect to clients.
  • Enhance the quality of data contained within the department’s information systems.
  • Where possible, automate business practices to make the practices more efficient and cost effective.
  • Enhance the reliability and security of the department’s information systems

The solution was a SAAS based Azure Hosted Business Process Management system - a computerised case file management system in compliance with Federal, State and local contracts to manage information regarding the clients. The system gathers, stores, and retrieves information required for tracking clients and making decisions concerning their cases.The application facilitates a SAAS based automated workflow solution for facilities developed in Microsoft Stack. It offers community based programs such as misdemeanor probation, community service, electronic monitoring, and drug and alcohol testing and focuses on facilitating the users to manage information of federal clients throughout their sentences. BPM not only puts all the information facilities want at the touch of a key, but it has cut down drastically on paper files and helped us move into an electronic storage system.It replaces manual and paper based processes with digital solutions. It ensures the right people have the correct information in a timely manner regarding what to do and how to do it. Bottom line, it creates consistency. This consistency can apply to any area of business, from customer service to how a form is completed or even how decisions are made. The application has all the modules you need to manage the client population. From case notes to security procedures to financials, this system has amazing breadth of functions. And we're adding more all the time!

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