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17 Jun 2022
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Learning Management System

Today's students and online learners want information that is short, bite-sized, and personalized. Personalisation, gamification, and microcontent are just a few of the features that e-Learning has created, coupled with AI and machine learning, to assist disrupt the online learning experience and provide precisely what students want in 2021.

DITSTEK has developed an innovative LMS (Learning Management System) and e-learning platform that allows anybody to offer live online lessons. Let's take a look at some of the platform's key benefits.

Edtech platforms

High-Quality Content Delivery

For something as important as online education, sluggish movies and streaming delays are a no-no. As a result, the ability to produce high-quality information is what distinguishes a strong online learning platform. 

This should be true independent of the amount of users, logged-on devices, or network connectivity variances.

Edtech platforms

Intuitive Learning Experience

All learners should have access to learning management software with the most up-to-date technical support, strong assessment, and clear and controllable learning outcomes, which are essential for minimizing learning inefficiency and surviving in a competitive environment.

Our Edtech platform will not only assist you in achieving your objectives, but will also help you develop a foothold in today's educational and professional world.

Student Management

Following that, there are crucial elements relating to student management. These elements are required to facilitate the efficient and timely completion of numerous activities associated with the administration of an online school.

Due to a lack of adequate student management capabilities, you and your instructors may be forced to spend a significant amount of time on things other than teaching.

Some of the important features that aid in smoother student administration include the ability to enroll students in bulk, filter them based on their performance, arrange them in groups, attendance functionality, and allow others to manage their students. These should undoubtedly be included in whichever LMS you select.

Teacher/ Staff Management

Teachers, in addition to students, are a key component of any e-Learning platform.

Professional teacher management solutions become even more crucial when you have several teachers or instructors teaching on your site. And, because you'll need several professors at some point, these functionalities are critical for any LMS platform.

Our edtech platform has enough features to manage the affairs of teachers. For instance, allow for the inclusion of many teachers, as well as their remuneration, role management, and the assignment of other people's courses to them.

It might be exceedingly difficult to deliver a positive experience for your teachers and instructors without these elements.

Learning Management System

Video Streaming

It's a more sophisticated teaching style that allows educators to broadcast their classes live on the internet. 

If you employ this feature, you will also get a live chat option next to the video so that teachers and students may converse with one another.All new and old video formats, such as Dash, HLS, and MP4, are supported by our Edtech platform.


Full-time schooling is no longer a desirable option for parents and families. People's plans for the future have shifted dramatically as a result of changing times and options.

The new normal includes minimal in-person interaction, substantial dependence on digital solutions, internet connectivity, and studying-while-playing. However, with online classrooms, the lack of face-to-face connection with professors and interaction among students makes the experience monotonous.

Our Edtech platform is developed to provide an online experience that not only makes studying enjoyable for students but also adds value in terms of knowledge transfer.


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