AS400 Green Screen Modernization: Why It is a Wise Choice in 2024?

08 Dec 2023
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AS400 Modernization

What strikes the mind first when you think of AS400 applications? Green screens, right? But, what if we say that monochromatic green screens will soon become a thing of the past? Yes, you heard it right. 

While the thought of modernizing the green screens is a bit unsettling for some, overlooking the possibility of legacy app modernization may keep you from improving the efficiency of your business. Moving from AS400 green screens to a modern GUI interface seems a headache; however, it is a thoughtful step towards delivering a seamless user experience.

In this blog, we will discuss why AS400 green screen modernization is a wise choice in 2024. Are you ready to tap into the potential of IBM’s green screen? Let’s get started!

Why Businesses Are Moving Away From AS400 Green Screen?

Businesses chose AS400 as it could do things faster, save time, and boost overall workflow efficiency. Today, green screen applications have some constraints that make it important to consider a shift from green screens to GUI. 

Below are some challenges that act as a catalyst for a transition toward green screen modernization-

AS400 Modernization

Integration Challenges

The integration of age-old AS400 green screens with modern applications, APIs, or web services is a tough nut to crack. Modern applications are leveraging green screen modernization for streamlined operations.

Reduced Productivity

The green screen’s plain, monochromatic setup lacks the visual appeal that today’s users expect, which hampers the system’s overall efficiency and slows down workflow. Further, this reduces the team’s productivity.

Graphical Constraints

Decision-making becomes easy when data is visualized in the form of images, charts, and graphs rather than the text format. This graphical limitation of AS400 applications calls for an urgent need to look for a GUI.

In order to fix these challenges, transitioning from AS400 green screens to GUI is worth considering.

Why AS400 Green Screen Modernization Matters in 2024?

Whether you are a CIO, CTO, or an IBM i decision maker, here are some top reasons to invest in IBM i AS400 green screen modernization -

Green Screen Upgrade

  • Access the Data Anywhere Anytime

One of the best benefits of GUI is mobile access. Nowadays, businesses are not confined to workplaces. With GUIs, AS400 applications break free from the desktop constraints and users can easily access data from any device. Thus, whether your IT team is moving, working remotely or you need instant updates, GUI-driven mobile access to data improves accessibility and productivity.

  • Multi-Platform Compatibility

iSeries green screen (GUI) offers multi-platform compatibility. This compatibility is quite valuable for businesses that must operate on different devices. On the other side, legacy AS400 systems or old green screens lack this feature. With GUI, you can access your system on any device with minimal effort.

  • Offers Competitive Edge Via Multitasking

AS400 applications are slow to switch between different tasks. However, with a modern GUI interface, developers can test code in real-time and collaborate simultaneously. This improves software development workflow and fosters innovation. Here are some ways IBM i 5250 screen modernization helps you multitask-

  • Users can open and switch multiple windows or tabs simultaneously.
  • Many GUI apps continue running tasks in the background while the users work with other apps or windows.
  • Allows users to divide the screen between two or more apps via split-screen functionality.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Displays alerts or notifications for real-time updates, events, etc.
  • Reduced Risk and Reduced Costs

Legacy AS400 apps with green screens lack modern-day security features which makes the system highly vulnerable. Iseries green screen GUI comes with advanced security features, like end-to-end encryption, strengthening the system to tackle security challenges. Further, as the system improves the team’s productivity and supports informed decision-making, it reduces costs and improves ROI.

  • Making the System Future-Ready

As discussed above, a modernized AS400 interface allows users to access the system on multiple devices, like phones, desktops, tablets, etc. However, there is more to it. GUI’s modern interface doesn’t only offer convenience, but it also upgrades the application, allowing it to integrate smoothly with workflow automation tools. The REST APIs and automated pipelines boost the quality of work, streamline the development process, and save you valuable time & effort.

Make Your Transition from AS400 Green Screen to GUI a Breeze with Ditstek Innovations!

Are you also looking to modernize your AS400 applications? We are your trusted tech ally. As a custom offshore software development company, we have a team of highly experienced IBM i AS400 programmers who can bridge your talent gap and turn your AS400 initiatives to reality. We understand that modernizing green screens goes beyond attractive interfaces and it’s more about enhancing the system’s overall efficiency. Backed with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, we can handle all aspects of AS400 green screen modernization.

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