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Lesson Plan Builder Edtech
Platform via Curated
Content Library

Lesson Plan Builder Edtech Platform via Curated Content Library

Online Lesson planner and curated content-based platform developed specifically for teachers. This platform simplifies lesson planning with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. The application saves several hours of preparation time for teachers and makes it easy to plan and find the previous lessons. Teachers can easily create and organize lesson plans on a weekly and yearly basis and customize them for their own use. Highly curated content is provided by application moderators for teachers who can search various books from the vast library of books available on the website. Specific to their grade level, their skillset, teachers can select the book and have a book view with the ability to scroll or turn the pages of a book just like Amazon Kindle. Multiple viewing options are given to teachers like - Zoom text, copy text, light mode, dark mode, etc.


  • Teacher signup/Registration
  • Teachers and admin dashboard 
  • Sub-admin creation
  • Tool for admin/sub-admin to upload books in E-Pub format
  • Books library segregated by grades, skills, literary elements, standards, comprehension strategies 
  • Curated content for lessons plans
  • Lesson plan creation tools like Amazon Kindle 
  • Tagging of students 
  • Mentorship curated data - blogs, multimedia files 
  • Resources Library - Videos, audio, PDF’s, text, blogs 
  • Admin section with the ability to upload books E-Pub format, content curation tool
  • Book tags and students tags 
  • Subscription model
  • Lesson plans block management 
  • Book index creation 
  • Lesson plans - Creation, copy, delete, tags creation options 
  • User management 
Addiction Substance Abuse Management Addiction Substance Abuse Management
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