Reasons Why Microsoft.Net Is The Most Preferred Framework For Web App Development

15 May 2023
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Microsoft .Net

The million-dollar question. ‘Which tech should I choose for the next web app development project?’ Probably, Microsoft .Net.

You have come up with the best idea and want to get started on it straight. First, you need to build an MVP for your product, but you are not sure which stack to choose. Right? With so many options available, it is easy to feel even more lost after conducting some research on the best framework for web development.

While the choice of picking a framework depends on the application type and platform on which it is to be built, .Net remains the best bet for business application endeavours. With a market share of 34.2%, .Net is the number one software development framework. According to the StackOverflow 2021 developer survey, .Net remains the most commonly used framework for web development. Thanks to its robust nature and future deployment perspectives.

Commonly Used Software Development Frameworks

Microsoft .Net

Source: StackOverflow

This blog discusses everything that makes .Net the most preferred web application framework.

So, let’s dive right in!

.Net is Still One of The Best. Why?

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Introduced in 2000, the .Net framework is a feature-rich, open-source cross-platform that helps developers create applications faster and with fewer resources on a variety of operating systems, like Linux, macOS, Windows, and more. Since its introduction, the framework has evolved into a set of powerful tools for building robust applications. It offers FCL (Framework Class Library) and CLR (Common Language Runtime), enabling security, better management, exception handling, etc. In a nutshell, it is a well-designed framework with a range of capabilities that allow you to create a truly unique user experience. Here are some quick facts about the .Net framework that makes it a developer’s paradise-

  • .Net framework has an MVC architecture that makes it highly secure.
  • Extensive data storage capabilities with Microsoft Azure.
  • .Net supports around 44 languages, and developers can choose the language of their own choice for app development.
  • This language-neutral platform is massive and offers an arsenal of technologies and tools for software development.
  • .Net framework is fast and highly reliable.
  • It is one of the most flexible IDEs.
  • Comes with strong community support.

Different Types of .Net Technology Development

Here are the three types of .Net technologies that assist a developer through the development process:

Web Pages

Framework, Web app development

With web pages, users can practice PHP with HTML and create webpages with minimal coding efforts.


The MVC architecture enables developers to compile, code, or test any kind of application. They can build applications in their natural workflow, as they don’t have to worry about ViewState on IsPostBack every time.


Webforms help you develop dynamic and smart applications and offer more control to the programmer.

Top Reasons to Choose the .Net Framework for Web Development


As one of the oldest programming platforms active today, .Net is a preferred choice for web development due to the following reasons-

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

Perhaps, the best thing about .Net programming is that it is based on an Object-Oriented Programming module. This application evolution model divides software into smaller manageable pieces, allowing developers to work on different parts individually.

It divides data into data fields and describes the object’s behavior via class declaration. With OOP, code becomes more manageable, testing becomes easier, and responses to recurring errors become quick.

Visual Studio IDE

.Net framework comes with a VS or Visual Studio tool, a Microsoft IDE used to build, debug, or publish applications across different platforms, including iOS, and Android. Some of the features of a Visual Studio IDE are-

  • It is used as a single IDE for all .Net applications.
  • VS IDE offers real-time collaboration on the same codebase, along with integrated code reviews with a Git-first workflow feature.
  • It can be used for apps based on code that is written in different languages.
  • It can be customized as per user preferences.

Offers Cross-Language Compatibility

CLS (Cross Language Specification) and CLR (Cross Language Runtime) allow the .Net framework to interact with codes that are written in different programming languages. This allows both functionality and reusability of code. Furthermore, it is an open-source platform, which means developers can make as many changes as they want.

Robust Memory Management

.Net framework features a GC (Garbage Collector) that releases or cleans unnecessary memory consumption. Besides, CLR (Cross Language Runtime) handles the allocation/deallocation of distributed objects in memory. Thereafter, the GC helps the platform get rid of the objects that are not being used in the code.

Support From a Large Community

Microsoft provides engineers with a coherent ecosystem that covers a variety of services, including frameworks, cloud services, and IDEs. Further, the development services have managed to build a large support community after its launch. Things were not the same as today until Microsoft made .Net an open-source platform.

Security and Safety

One significant reason why most enterprises choose the .Net development framework is, it is highly safe and secure. Managed Code and CLR are the two crucial features that offer core security protocols, like code access security.

Easy to Deploy and Maintain

.Net development tools the deployment and maintenance of .Net applications easy. With Asp.Net web development services, developers can easily fix an application or a specific part of the application without having to interrupt the whole script or code to figure out one loophole.


.Net framework offers reverse support too. For instance, if you have an application built on an older version of the .Net framework and you want to run the same app on a machine with a newer version of the framework, the app will still work. Microsoft, with each new release, ensures that the older version fits better with the newer version.

What are the Advantages of Choosing a .Net Framework?

Improves Productivity

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.Net framework offers multi-language support, common APIs, and excellent class libraries that help developers improve their productivity. Visual Studio tools let the development team achieve more in less time.

Easy Application Integration

.Net offers easy integrations with other Microsoft applications which makes it easy to build applications. It helps organizations handle multiple tasks like data sharing, collaborating with the team on different projects, etc.

.Net is Platform-Independent

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This means that applications can be programmed and executed on different platforms. Its important advantage is developers can reuse the code or use it in a similar development environment. Another advantage is that they can build applications for Windows, iOS, or Android based on a business’s specific needs.

Quick Mobile Development

Net Framework for Web Development

The MMIT (Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit) allows developers to build scalable mobile applications with a drag-and-drop interface. Emulators are used to test the applications on different screen sizes. Furthermore, Xamarin-.Net integration also helps in building cross-platform mobile applications by allowing the developers to share code across platforms and build apps faster.


.Net framework offers a variety of functionalities, uses, and advantages. The framework has got all the required features to roll out a dynamic website or a business application successfully that is both reliable and secure. This is the reason why startups, enterprises, and large businesses alike choose the .Net platform to develop robust applications.

Are you also looking to build a scalable .Net application for your business? Share your requirements with us. Our dedicated team of .developers can assist you in building a .Net application tailored to your needs.


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