Overcoming Global Tech Talent Crunch:Offshore Software Development is the Solution

26 Oct 2022
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What if we tell you that the business world is experiencing quite an unlikely challenge of the present times? IT talent crunch! Early in the pandemic, widespread job loss meant that there were new job openings in employment. Still, a steep labor market resulted in a loss of talented software developers, resulting in the stagnated growth of many businesses worldwide. In this blog, we want to put light on how to tackle this unexpected global tech talent shortage and how going offshore for software development is an ideal solution. Without further ado, let’s get started with the most important question:

What is Global Tech Talent Crunch?

By 2030, there will be more than 85 million jobs to be filled, says a report. The challenge is only blowing over as we get over the pandemic. And, it is just the tip of the iceberg. We all know how quickly businesses are adopting tech infrastructures and moving to digital platforms to scale their growth. Clearly, businesses have adopted technologies worth years in a matter of a few months, which means the pandemic has just accelerated the inevitable. 

Had there not been COVID-19, the businesses had not have hired skilled IT professionals in advance, leaving other businesses facing a shortage of talent. While tech talent shortage is not a new phenomenon, the rapid adoption of new technology by every business, combined with other factors, like the pandemic, skill gaps, retiring developers, etc. have widened the concern.

Offshore Software Development

What is Causing the Global Tech Talent Crunch?

The ongoing IT talent shortage could be due to a plethora of reasons, like-

Evolving Technologies

With new technologies evolving rapidly and businesses adopting these technologies, there is a global scarcity of IT talent that can meet the demands of a business.

Developers Approaching Retirement

No matter how pivotal roles they have to play in organizations, software professionals approach their retirement. With a large number of skilled US developers approaching retirement in the coming years, businesses are struggling to recruit adequate talent.

Skill Gaps

With IT booming, a candidate can specialize in one or two areas. However, companies that specify a specialization often look for a candidate with broader tech experience. Candidates are required to learn additional skills to leverage emerging technologies.

Big Companies Hiring Big

Another reason for shrinking tech talent could be large businesses that spend a lot of money on hiring the best talent. They create an exodus where highly skilled talent moves to bigger companies, and the employees are unlikely to move from there!

But, this demand-supply gap of tech talent should not restrict your business from flourishing. Then, what is the way out?

Offshore Software Development

Offshore Software Development is the Way to go!

With the unprecedented churn that the global IT talent market has been experiencing, many businesses are looking for ways to fill out their key tech roles. Fortunately, offshore software development comes to the rescue!

Offshore software development is a straightforward solution to overcoming IT staffing challenges and unlocking the true benefits by leveraging emerging technologies. An offshore software development team is a valuable extension of your existing setup. They are a team of highly skilled, competent IT professionals who work with your in-house team and help you offer quality deliverables to the clients timely; thereby, meeting their key requirements.

Offshore Development

Crisis-Proof Your Business Operations With Offshore Software Development Team

Leveraging offshore software development is the most promising way to balance the IT talent shortage. With a dedicated team of frontend, backend, or full-stack developers on your side, you can have peace of mind that a lack of tech talent is no more a roadblock to the expansion of your business. You can choose from a large talent pool of software developers who can proactively assist you in producing quality outcomes and improving the bottom line for your business.

Offshoring software development project builds a solid team culture over cost, strengthening your corporate identity. Offshore partners, like DITS, offer custom software development services and employ top tech specialists to do your work while complying with all the IT security measures. 

Delegating your software development responsibilities to a skilled team helps you save a lot of time that you would be otherwise spending on cumbersome hiring processes. Rather than juggling core development work, you can segregate what to outsource, prioritize more important tasks, and arrange things in order. 

Outsourcing software development work to a remote global team also helps you cut down your expenses and improve results. With a highly skilled offshore team to work with your in-house team, you don’t have to deal with talent shortages, system failures, etc. Thus, you can focus on the business’s long-term goals rather than running errands for filling IT roles in your organization.

How Can DITS Help You Bridge the IT Talent Gap?

Synonymous with trust, reliability, and quality, DITS is your trusted IT partner for onshore and offshore software development services. With a rich experience and in-depth knowledge of technologies, our team of dedicated software developers adopts a 360-degree approach to provide you with scalable results. We provide you with -

  • Highly skilled IT experts with unparalleled experience working in diverse industry verticals.
  • A competent team of software developers who leverage agile methodologies.
  • A remote-ready team to work with you on a contractual and hourly basis.

Looking to outsource your next software development project to an offshore team? Reach out to us!


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