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28 May 2024
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EV charging back office software development company

EVs, or electric vehicles, have been around for as long as their diesel or gasoline-powered counterparts. But it’s only in the last decade that they became a common sight on roads. According to experts, the number of electric vehicles on the road worldwide could hit 145 million by 2030. 

That being said, businesses need to think about providing their customers with a convenient way to top up their battery levels. For example, by setting charging stations. But how they monitor these charging points? This is where an EV back office charging software comes in!

EV software empowers network operators, EV owners, and value-added resellers to manage the charging infrastructure, making EV charging a quick and convenient experience for customers. 

We at Ditstek Innovations are ready to turn your unique EV ideas into reality. As a California based custom software development company catering to diverse industries like automotive, transportation & logistics, etc., we have expertise in creating some of the best software solutions that align with your unique requirements. 

Let’s talk about what exactly EV charging back office software is, some benefits, and how can we help you deliver top solutions. 

EV Charging Back Office Software

A charge point management software, also known as  EV charging back office software, is a centralized platform that allows operators and service providers to manage and monitor the everyday operations of EV charging points. This software connects EV drivers, operators, and charges to create a seamless experience for all. 

Who Can Benefit From EV Charging Software?

A good EV charging back office software offers several benefits – from enhanced convenience to EV drivers to increased profitability for operators. Thus, in a nutshell, anyone who interacts with the EV charge points or anyone who manages or owns these charge points can benefit from EV charging software. But below are the ones who benefit most from EV software -

Charge Point Operators (CPOs)

Charger network operators have to manage their charging stations remotely and keep an eye on everything happening at the site. With an EV charging back office software, they can easily keep track of who used their charge point when, and for how long. This way, they get an idea of power consumption and plan upgrades.

EV Contractors

By connecting field crews to the back office and automating workflows, an EV charging software allows contractors to stay organized, and move fast and efficiently. The ability to generate or share documentation to get paid improves customer experience and enhance satisfaction. 

Fleet Owners

As more commercial (heavy-duty) vehicles go electric, they need more places to plug in. From planning and identifying the best sites to installing charging stations in a depot, EV charging software speeds up the timelines and ensures there are no potential slowdowns, streamlining normal operations.

Key Features of an EV Charging Back Office Management Software

Key Features of an EV Charging Back Office Management Software

Here are some of the most important features to look for in an EV charging software -

Infrastructure Management

An EV charging back office software helps station owners efficiently manage their infrastructure, including EV chargers and connectors. Some of the key features include:

  • Remote Monitoring and Management: Oversee charging stations from anywhere.
  • Monitor Charging Sessions and Stations: Track the performance and usage of each station.
  • Troubleshoot Issues: Quickly identify and resolve problems.
  • Energy Management and Load Balancing: Optimize energy use to ensure efficient operation.

User / Customer Management

A comprehensive EV charging back office software simplifies the management of customer interactions for EV station owners. Key features include managing customer data, tracking billing and payment history, facilitating cross-selling opportunities, and sending notifications, all of which contribute to a seamless customer experience.

Hardware Management

Fleet owners and network operators need to resolve network issues quickly. Here, some of the top features of EV charging software include instant notifications for any issues, remote troubleshooting options, and the ability to easily connect with support services if necessary. These capabilities ensure that problems are quickly identified and addressed, minimizing downtime and maintaining efficient operations.

Power Consumption Optimization

Managing EV chargers requires balancing power distribution based on available electricity, the number of vehicles charging, and electricity costs. Energy management software optimizes charging costs and prevents overloading the electrical infrastructure, ensuring compliance with safety regulations. EV charging software enables non-technical users to control power distribution and adhere to local regulations, making it easier for station owners to manage power loads and improve efficiency.

Hassle-Free Payment Processing

EV charging stations need to support various payment options to cater to diverse consumers. Property managers might offer reduced rates to residents or employees, discounts for network members, or lower prices during off-peak times. Advanced EV charger software can manage these varied payment preferences and intricacies, enabling station owners to set prices, control costs, and manage revenue effectively.

White Labeling

White labeling is a key feature for customer-facing application of EV infrastructure. Commercial centers, corporate facilities and residential properties alike can benefit from establishing their brand as a reputed one. This is a way to ensure that customers know they are using a reliable system. Further, as Evs become a more acceptable way to combat climate change, EV managers can benefit by associating their brand with green energy.

Reporting & Analysis

EV charging back-office management software generates detailed reports on power consumption, connector health, payments, and charging sessions. This comprehensive data allows station owners to monitor performance, identify issues, and manage finances efficiently.

Empowering the Future of Electric Vehicles

At DITS, we are turning innovative EV concepts into reality. Have an EV app idea you'd like to explore? Connect with our experts and schedule a FREE consultation call TODAY!

Benefits of EV Charging Software

Streamlines Charging Station Management 

EV charging management platforms automate time-consuming tasks like data entry and monthly reporting, simplifying the management of charge points. These systems monitor usage, revenue, payments, and maintenance costs, providing valuable reports for billing and auditing. By offering insights into usage patterns, they help optimize charging station operations. 

Enhances Efficiency and Reduces Costs 

Utilizing the right EV charging tools significantly lowers installation, maintenance, and data collection costs. Charge point management software streamlines station management, saving time for CPOs and installers. It schedules regular inspections, automatically notifies technicians of issues, and monitors usage patterns. By alerting technicians to underutilization or overutilization, it enables more effective planning.

Automated Data Collection & Reporting

Automated data collection and reporting provided by EV charging management software offers several benefits. By tracking charging activity, businesses can identify areas for improvement in customer experience, such as addressing wait times or optimizing charger locations, leading to improved user satisfaction. Furthermore, by optimizing customer experience and operational efficiency, businesses can drive increased revenue from their EV charging stations. 

Enhances User Experience

This software lets you keep an eye on your EVs' charging status in real time, ensuring they are always properly charged and ready to roll. Moreover, it helps optimize your charging setup, ensuring your EVs get the most efficient charge possible. This saves you a lot of time and money by fine-tuning your charging setup.

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Our Process to EV Charging Back Office Management Software Development

Our Process to EV Charging Back Office Management Software Development

At DITS, we follow agile methodology to bring any software idea to fruition. Here is how our software experts start the software development process for EV charging management software -

1. Project Discussion

Our initial step involves a thorough discussion with the client to understand their specific requirements and objectives. This helps us gain insights into the client's needs, challenges, and desired outcomes.

2. Evaluation & Validation

Following the project discussion, our proficient team assesses the feasibility of the proposed project. Through market research and analysis, we validate the project's potential success in the current market landscape. This stage ensures alignment between client expectations and project viability.

3. Prototype & Design

Based on the insights gained from the initial discussion and idea validation, our team proceeds to develop a prototype of the EV charging back office software. At the same time, our designers craft a user-centric UI/UX design tailored to meet the client's preferences.

4. Project Development

Upon obtaining approval for the prototype, our team adopts an agile development approach to start the actual development of the EV software. This methodology facilitates iterative development, enabling us to swiftly adapt to evolving client requirements and market dynamics.

5. Project Testing

Quality assurance is the key to ensuring the seamless functionality and reliability of the EV software. Our team rigorously employs advanced testing methodologies and specialized software tools to identify and rectify any potential errors, ensuring a smooth development process.

6. Project Deployment

The final stage involves deploying the EV charging back office systems across various platforms to enhance software accessibility and maximize its exposure. Through strategic deployment strategies, we aim to broaden the software's reach, ensuring its widespread adoption and utilization within the target audience.

Driving Innovation in Electric Vehicles.

At DITS, we are dedicated to transforming innovative EV ideas into reality. Have an EV app idea you want to bring to life? Schedule a FREE consultation call with our experts TODAY!

Choose Ditstek Innovations as your EV Charging Back Office Software Development Partner

We Offer Custom EV Solutions

Our adept team specializes in crafting customized EV solutions tailored to the unique requirements and specifications of each client. By closely aligning with their business goals and operational dynamics, we ensure seamless integration and optimal functionality of the EV application within their ecosystem.

We Have Domain Expertise

With our extensive domain expertise and technical proficiency, we build result-oriented EV solutions aimed at driving tangible outcomes and business success. Our approach combines industry insights, market trends, and innovative technologies to deliver solutions that exceed client expectations and yield measurable results.

We Offer Flexible Hiring Models

Given the diverse needs of our global clientele, we offer flexible hiring models tailored to accommodate diverse project scopes, timelines, and budget constraints. Whether it's dedicated teams, fixed-price contracts, or hourly engagements, our hiring models empower clients to optimize resource utilization and drive project efficiency.

We Offer Post-Deployment Support

Our commitment to client satisfaction extends beyond the deployment phase. We provide cost-effective maintenance and support services to address evolving needs and technical challenges. From software optimization to troubleshooting, our comprehensive support framework ensures uninterrupted operation and longevity of the EV software solution.


Why is EV charging back office software important?

There are several reasons why EV charging back office software is so important, like -

  • Strengthen your charging business
  • Manage energy consumption
  • Enhance EV driver’s user experience
  • Reduce charger downtime and increase reliability

How much does EV charging back office software development cost?

Several factors impact the cost of developing EV charging back office software, like UI/UX design, security features, location of the development team, tech stack, etc. However, the cost lies anywhere between $45,000 to $100,000.

How EV charging management solution streamline user experience?

EV charging management solutions play a vital role in improving user experience at the charge point. Here are some of the ways it does so -

  • User-friendly mobile applications
  • Streamlines charging with navigation system integration
  • Real-time updates on EV charging station availability
  • Secure & safe payment processing

Is EV charging management software safe?

With a good EV charging management software in place, businesses can make sure that their charge stations are monitored properly. By monitoring activity and power usage, they can quickly identify any potential issues, which not only deter crime but also ensures that the system functions properly.


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