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Workflow Automation Solution
Transforming Correctional Facilities

Business and workflow automation

Workflow Automation Solution Transforming Correctional Facilities

The proposed workflow automation solution stands as a dynamic, all-encompassing, and cost-effective solution tailored specifically for pre-release and community correction populations. The Offender Management System, now in its second generation, leverages state-of-the-art web-based technology to ensure a seamless user experience, establishing itself as a commendable jail and prison management system that oversees every facet of an inmate's journey from intake to release.

The core objectives of workflow solutions for offender management services revolve around automating routine prison management functions, addressing challenges in the existing system, etc. The key objectives include:

  • Improving the manual system.
  • Designing an efficient system for information storage, update, and retrieval.
  • Facilitating easy preparation of court reports.
  • Emphasizing the significance of computers in prison management.
  • Enhancing operational speed for rapid sentence calculations.
  • Providing convenient access to the stored database.

Key Features & Capabilities:

  • Client Management
  • Case Management
  • Client Success Dashboard
  • Financials Dashboard
  • Treatment Groups
  • Community and Residential Financials
  • Schedules
  • Medications
  • Diagnosis and Treatment Plans
  • Recurring Workflows
  • Template Management
  • Survey Templates
  • Treatment Plan Templates
  • Contract Templates
  • Form Letters and Documents
  • Training and Support
  • Risk Assessment

In essence, the application is a transformative tool, redefining correctional management systems by addressing critical needs, enhancing efficiency, and providing a robust, user-friendly interface for diverse operational requirements.

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