Addiction Substance Abuse Management

Web Based Practice
Management System

Web Based Practice Management System

End-to-end Enterprise cloud-based behavioral health solution developed to cater to specific behavioural healthcare segments in the US. Built on jQuery, JavaScript (frontend), and Asp.Net (backend), the proposed enterprise-level EHR (electronic health records software) is one of the best behavioral health platforms that streamlines workflow in healthcare across a range of practices, including Behavioral Health and Human Services Organizations, community hospitals, or multi-specialty hospital groups.

The platform offers core EHR features, allowing healthcare organizations to manage their operations better, automate monotonous repetitive tasks at the admin end, and provide seamless care to patients in order to improve healthcare outcomes. Organizations can leverage features like scheduling & calendars, billing workflows (invoices, payments), practice planners, and appointment reminders to deliver quality care. Also, the platform obeys HIPAA compliance and is MU Stage 3 certified, which ensures patient privacy and security of medical data.


  • Client, Group and Personal appointment
  • Automated SMS and Email reminders
  • Smart Reply Handling
  • Flexible Calendar Views
  • whilst colour Appointment Statuses, Flags, and Rosters
  • Client Management
  • Invoices and Statements
  • Collecting Outstanding $
  • Online Credit Card Processing
  • Reporting and Insights
  • Client Portal
  • Engage- Campaigns, Emails, SMS
Addiction Substance Abuse Management JavaScript JSON jQuery Microsoft SQL Server HTML 5 CSS 3 Bootstrap C-Sharp Angular AJAX React Web API Microsoft .NET Entity Framework Microsoft .NET MVC
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