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Addiction Substance Abuse Management

Web-Based Enterprise
EHR & Case Management
Solution for Behavioural


Web-Based Enterprise EHR & Case Management Solution for Behavioural Healthcare

To build a scalable EHR platform for today’s remote & hybrid behavioral healthcare delivery models that goes beyond revenue cycle management and provides a better experience for the team and users. An EHR for behavioral health that aligns quality metrics with billing to provide healthcare providers with needed data collection to create a better, interoperable healthcare ecosystem and streamline workflow.

The proposed platform is highly interoperable and promotes real-time integration and data sharing among behavioral health, care management organizations, medical providers, and other members of the Care Team, supporting care coordination across the continuum—a significant focus in the healthcare industry today and tomorrow.

The EHR for behavioral health leverages technology and data to support provider organizations committed to improving whole-person care and quality of life for all people touched by the extraordinary challenges of behavioral health and other human conditions. The solution is designed to provide complex care communities with the technology solutions they need to navigate changing regulatory landscapes and achieve desired outcomes around whole-person care.

The platform has reached a milestone of -

  • 35K Users

  • 635K Medications Tracked

  • 400K+ Lives Helped

Communities served by the platform- 

  • IDD- Intellectual Development Disability

  • Substance Use- (Substance Use order)

  • Behavioural Health

  • Child & Family Services

  • Health Clinics

The Solution is built as a complete solution set for:

  • Client Management

  • Task Management

  • Service DocumentationCare Coordination

  • Billing Management

  • System Operations Management


  • Dashboard

  • Client Chart & Record

  • Scheduler

  • Reporting

  • Finance & Billing

  • Client accessible portal for increased engagement
  • Mobile Platform-  allows for disconnected usability when Internet is not available
  • Telehealth- Available through the Client Portal, it enables clients to connect directly to their service providers via web-cam
  • E-Prescribing Seamless integration with Rcopia for electronic prescribing functionality

Addiction Substance Abuse Management Addiction Substance Abuse Management

Technical Implementations

  • Using Two Different API to Binding DropDowns and filling other data fields and for CRUD and other functionalities in Module different API’s
  • WebAPI based n-tier Architecture implementation using the Database First Approach API
  • Implemented JSON based custom forms and fields architecture
  • Fillable PDF document for printing the document and again user can modify the same PDF and uploading the PDF on the server, downloading the PDF
  • Publishing the module and child sections along with publishing, creating new versions of modules, child sections, and copying all data from previous to the new version.
  • Comparing two published versions along with their child sections
  • Creating treatment plan using jquery template library
  • Clone,delete,edit treatment plan
  • Generating XML using Xdocument class library.
  • XML generation for multiple clients in a single file after generating uploading on server and database and maintaining the version.
  • JWT Identity- For Authentication and Authorization
  • Token management

  • Role Based Authorisation

  • Signup/Login/Change Password/Forgot Password 
  • Idle Timeout (after 10 mins)
  • Register Organisations

  • Manage Organisations

  • Invite Users of Organisation

  • Manage Sites/Branches

  • Survey Templates

  • Custom Questionnaire with Translations and Audio upload 
  • Create Questionnaire

  • Manage Questionnaire

Technical Implementations Technical Implementations

Project Screenshots

Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
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