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SaaS based Workflow automation Solution for Service Based Industry

Business and workflow automation

SaaS based Workflow automation Solution for Service Based Industry

A SaaS-based centralized workflow automation solution designed specifically for service-based companies. This solution facilitates easy management of workforce, schedules, task alignment, work tracking, timesheet management, payrolls, reporting, and client management. The core objectives focus on automating routine tasks and managing clients and workforce. Key work include:

  •  Revamp of a 10-year-old legacy system -  from Core PHP to Laravel initially and then to Node + React for future scalability of the system
  •  Expanding from a single service-based solution to a SaaS-based multi-service solution, allowing for multi-location, multi-currency, and timezone management.
  •  Adopting a microservices-based architecture to break down complex systems into manageable, independent services.
  •  Ensuring 24/7 visibility on schedules, changes, and communication.
  •  Improving reporting capabilities and workforce tracking with real-time GPS-based location updates.
  •  Scalable solution for multiple industries

Key Features & Capabilities:

  •  Widget based customizable Dashboard
  •  Employee/Client comprehensive onboarding process
  •  HRM - Workforce management solution
  •  Scheduling with roster management
  •  Services Operations management system with CRM capabilities
  •  Dispatch management
  •  Reporting and Analytics
  •  SaaS based multi-tenant architecture
  •  Task management
  •  Inspection
  •  Integration capabilities
  •  Mobile Responsiveness
  •  Customisable workflow
  •  Payroll management
  •  Extensive Roles and Permissions management
Addiction Substance Abuse Management
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