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SAAS-based web
application for the
auto claims market

SAAS-based web application for the auto claims market

The proposed SAAS-based web application serves as a leading platform for parts financing to streamline the insurance claims process for insurers and motor body repairers; thereby, addressing their challenges and making the cash flow management easier. The application administers insurance claim management via a platform that automates workflow and supports a seamless interaction between motor body repairers, parts suppliers, and insurers. The auto claims management software then settles the suppliers for the parts purchased. Thus, when it comes to managing automotive insurance claims, everyone benefits from the platform including auto body repairers, insurance companies, and part suppliers. We have been assisting our client in automotive software development for over a decade now.

This parts procurement management software has an easy-to-read dashboard that presents real-time information. Backed by decades of experience, the platform makes it easy to manage the parts procurement process and makes the entire workflow more transparent as they don’t have to procure the parts themselves. 

Further, the auto insurance claims management software provides a specialized solution to the credit and cash flow disconnect for insurance jobs that exist for motor body repairers:

  • The end clients are alleviated from credit limits (often based on historic trading levels, thereby hampering growth).
  • All amounts are accurately calculated by the system to streamline the cash flow cycle.  
  • As a result, there is a significantly reduced administrative burden for part suppliers.

Clients have access to the nationwide parts supplier database, as well as the rebates associated.


Claim Management:

  • Functionality to add claims with random generated claimId to manage it further
  • Conditional Claim approve or decline Functionality through CA(Claim Administrator) portal and OE(Operation Executive) portal based on condition to check NetClaim Amount is above 90% or below.
  • Claims List to see the status of claims with options to edit  it if required.

Supplier Management:

  • Functionality to add or delete Suppliers.

Supplier Documents:

  • Functionality to add Documents of claims through Manual upload and Manual capture.
  • Validate Documents to check for duplicate or Exceptional documents.
  • Functionality to see the Document's history and Exception documents.
  • Edit Documents to resolve Exceptions of documents.
  • Functionality to check deleted Exception documents and revalidate them to save or post them.

Part Summary:

  • Functionality to add a part summary of a posted document through the Supplier Document screen.
  • Add Queries regarding the Part summary document 
  • Approve or decline functionality for part summary through the CA portal.
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