Addiction Substance Abuse Management

SAAS based
Referral marketing
accelerator tool

SAAS based Referral marketing accelerator tool

Business Referral Program Management platform is a mobile word of mouth marketing software for restaurants and small businesses. With this, businesses can leverage the power of referral marketing to generate more revenue. It is an advanced customer acquisition and retention tool for restaurants and other retail. The sales engine enables businesses to harness, amplify and accelerate their word of mouth bringing more mouths to tables and feet through doors. Through a text and web app based, incentive and experience driven, highly trackable platform customers are invited to text discounts to their friends and family and earn a referral bonus when the discount is redeemed. The retention tool includes a full suite of text campaign features that increase repeat customer business and track conversions. The clients see the entire new and repeat customer value flow from customer visit to referral to retention and everyone wins!


  • Business registration/signup 
  • Customers Onboard Themselves
    • Customers can easily opt themselves in and self-onboard through a QR code or by texting a keyword for your business.
  • Import Your Existing Customers
    • Import your customers into your customized Check This Out business account
  • Welcome Customers
    • Click Welcome Customers to invite your customers via text to send their friends and family a text discount for your business
  • Redeem Discount
    • Click Redeem Discount in your Check This Out account when a referred customer buys your goods or services using a Check This Out discount.
  • Track Your Promoters
    • Track your top promoters and how many new and repeat customers have come into your business through Check This Out's referral platform
  • QR Scanning
  • Customer Dashboard
  • Business Dashboard
  • Reporting
Addiction Substance Abuse Management Addiction Substance Abuse Management Addiction Substance Abuse Management

Technical Implementation


  • Used Express server with apollo server express for graphql api and mongo db as database service.
  • Implemented stream with Google Cloud storage and graphql upload express for storing all the files.
  • Implemented moment js is used for all timing related calculations.
  • Implemented node-mailer with node-mailer-sendgrid for sending emails and mjml for email templates.
  • Plivo is implemented for messaging (SMS/MMS) related tasks, like sending otps and sending SMS and MMS campaigns.
  • Implemented Stripe for payment integration for charging monthly subscription and also for deduction of other services charges.
  • Joi is used for validations of request data.
  • Eslint and husky are implemented for code level verification in application and for github.
  • Esm is used for using es6 modules.
  • Nodemon is used for checking the code updations during developments.
  • Implemented React-JS - Declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • React router dom implemented  for navigating between views
  • GraphQL implemented for querying data from the backend.
  • Implemented styled-components for component-level styles in application.
  • Apollo Client is implemented as a comprehensive state management library that enables you to manage both local and remote data with GraphQL.
  • Implemented react-dropzone for handling the dragging and dropping of files
  • Implemented react renderer for creating PDF files on the browser and server.
  • React hot toast for displaying notifications to users.
Technical Implementations Technical Implementations

Project Screenshots

Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
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