Addiction Substance Abuse Management


Business and workflow automation


SAAS Based Azure-hosted Client-Side Application is used by the offenders/users of the Correctional Facilities. The user’s details are synced to and fro from the core application and It allows the users to access their profile and is facilitated to apply for leaves, view reminders, manage account and agenda details.
The proposed application is a client-side application for Correctional Facilities. The role of the application is to facilitate the users of the facilities to access their profile.


  • Dashboards
    • Today’s agendas
    • Account Summary
    • Reminders
    • Recent activities
  • Agendas
    • Leaves
    • Meetings
    • Treatment Groups
  • Reminders
  • Notifications
Addiction Substance Abuse Management React HTML 5 Web API Material Design Bootstrap CSS 3 Less MySQL


  • User Impersonation- Core Application users can view the users of client-side application by impersonating
  • Bi-direction data syncing of Agendas from and to Client Application to Core application and vice versa
  • Replication to sync the data between Core application and the Client-side Application.
  • Code Rewriting for conversion from MVC to React
  • Implemented file upload from Core application and displayed in Client side from Azure using blob and block storage.
  • Implemented redux-store to store currently logged-in user-related data.
  • Implemented Routing for API Calls.
  • Material UI is implemented for Grids, Notifications, Transfer List
  • Implemented Material Date Picker and Time Picke
  • Vertical and Horizontal Stepper implemented
Technical Implementations

Project Screenshots

Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
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