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SAAS-Based Automated Customs Clearance Software For Logistics

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SAAS-Based Automated Customs Clearance Software For Logistics

The proposed SAAS-based software solution is designed to make the customs clearance process more efficient, offering a seamless and automated experience for logistics professionals. A one-stop solution for logistics powered by the latest technologies with a highly interactive and user-friendly interface based on modern web design standards. Built on Angular and Node.JS, the platform serves as a centralized system to manage all customs-related data on a single platform, automating repetitive work like manual exporting, uploading, etc.

With the multi-user access feature, multiple users can access the system at the same time. Users can simply upload a document, or drag-and-drop a customs case to auto-generate their customs clearance declaration with accuracy. The system supports multiple languages to overcome the language barriers, streamlining the process for cross-border shipments.

Some of the important functionalities include-

  • The system offers seamless integration with customs authorities for electronic data exchange and supports e-submission of required documents.
  • Centralized storage and management of customs documentation.
  • Automation of manual efforts to reduce errors and track the progress of customs clearance processes.
  • The software provides real-time visibility about the status of customs clearance for shipments.
  • There are subscription-based models that allow users to access features based on their unique requirements.
  • Ensures compliance and obeys security protocols to safeguard users’ information.

Key Features and Capabilities -

  • Automated customs filings
  • Integrated document management
  • User-friendly interface
  • Security and compliance
  • Multi-language support
  • Multiple users can access the system at the same time
  • Drag and Drop feature
  • Subscription-based access to features/functionalities
  • Real-time compliance check
  • Dynamic field creation as per needs
  • Dynamic logos and color themes
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