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SAAS Based Dashboard style Web application for Data Analytics is developed for a full-service Customer Experience Management firm that aims to help companies improve their customer experience in the form of google charts, tables, and graphs. The data is extracted using strategic tools such as PRISM intelligence, GetFeedback,
The proposed application is developed for a full-service Customer Experience Management firm serving customers in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. The firm aims to help companies define, measure, monitor, and improve their customer experience. They do this through the strategic use of tools such as mystery shopping, audits, customer surveys, employee surveys, social media review monitoring.


  • Implemented Google Charts as the charting library.
  • Amazon s3 bucket to create folder and files.
  • Following feature of MongoDB stitch:
    • MongoDB stitch email/password authentication.
    • MongoDB stitch functions for getting and storing data.
    • Integrated Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) with MongoDB stitch services to send emails.
    • MongoDB stitch rules on Database and collection to give read and write access on collections of the database.
    • MongoDB stitch triggers Config & Values to store static values and used those values in functions and services.
Addiction Substance Abuse Management Less Material Design HTML 5 JavaScript Sass Bootstrap CSS 3 Angular jQuery MongoDB Google Developers
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