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Mobile App Streamlining the Parking Experience

A mobile parking app offering parking opportunities for both property owners and those looking for a spot to rent car park space. The platform intends to solve the riddle of parking hassles by making it easy for hosts and renters to find each other easily, and provide a seamless parking experience.

The parking management software gets people to where they want to go safely and efficiently by utilizing underused private driveways and garages. Imagine being able to park within walking distance of ski resorts, beaches, universities, sports arenas, etc. So if you have car park spaces to rent in a hard-to-park area, sign up for the application and make some easy extra cash. Or, if you need space to park your car somewhere as a renter, this parking lot management software helps you find the best parking spot in town.

We are leveraging React Native and Node.JS to create a mobile app (car park management solution) that is simple to use, intuitive, and enables users to perform quick actions.


  • Spot Creation: Allows hosts to list their spots in the application. They need to add information related to the spot such as an address, images, availability of spot, type of vehicle, description, etc.
  • Search: The renter can search spots based on the location/ rate. 
  • Booking: Customised calendar feature which allows hosts to list availability for a single or multiple days along with date and time.
  • Online Payment: Integrated Stripe payment for online payments. All the payments would be done at the time of the booking
  • Cron Job to make payments to the host on a weekly basis.
  • Review and Rating
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