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Marketplace for
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Marketplace for Freight Management

To build a freight management system to simplify and streamline the end-to-end shipping process, including real-time visibility over freight operations, freight invoicing, information management, reporting, etc.

The proposed freight management software is a cloud-based solution for small and medium organizations and enterprise-level companies that eliminates the hassles of tedious logistics-based processes. Built on Angular and Java, the platform is convenient for companies that don’t have their own fleet and work with freight service providers. The software provides a range of features to help providers manage information better and shippers can choose the best suitable freight mode, carriers, and facilitators as per their specific requirements. Here are some important features-

  • Carrier selection -

    Companies that work with third-party carriers can choose the best deals in terms of prices, as well as functionality.
  • Route optimization -

    Pick the most cost-efficient route, assign vehicles or drivers, and tune the load better.
  • Freight tracking -

    Offers load visibility and transparency through freight monitoring.
  • Shipment management -

    This implies order management, load planning, identifying any disruptions that may put off delivery, etc.
  • Analytics -

    The software can provide businesses with data analytics, allowing them to find out trends, patterns, or opportunities in order to optimize routes and improve overall performance.

Besides, there is a customer portal to receive reviews, feedback, or share information on shipments.

USP Features

  • Job Posting.

  • Carrier management 

  • Pevo management

  • Bid management

  • Chat Scheduling.

  • Work Diary.

  • Reviews and Feedback.

  • Freight Invoicing 

  • Customer Portal

  • Quotes Management

  • Document management

Addiction Substance Abuse Management Addiction Substance Abuse Management

Technical Implementations

  • Successfully implemented Google Cloud service into the application
  • Successfully implemented Appenigne dependency to deploy applications in scalable environment
  • Used MySql Server from Google service
  • Successfully implemented and utilise Google Secrets into the application
  • Uploading and managing files on Google Cloud storage for file generated by application and uploaded into the application
  • Implemented Mapstruct to convert Entities into DTO and vice-versa
  • Successfully integrated Jackson library to convert object into a json and vice versa
  • Implemented Spring JPA to communicate with the Java Entities and relation database which implement jpa interface to store and retrieve data in database
  • Used JWT to generate a secure token with information such as role, identity and permission with time based expiry to share with user on the time of login to invoke api’s
  • Implemented Lombok data library for faster code implementation of getter and setter with constructor 
  • Implemented Flyway migration to create and manage mysql database tables and views
  • Implemented Swagger docs to exposed api documentation over the web
  • Implemented Openpdf to create pdf document for invoice and reports
  • Implemented chart.js(3.9.1) for showing data on chart
  • Implemented signature page for get the signature of the user
  • Implemented stompjs(2.3.3) for socket's real time data updation
  • Used RXJS operator
  • Implemented object-hash(2.0.3) for security purpose this library will convert our password to encrypted
  • Implemented css-star-rating(1.2.4) for showing the rating star
  • Sendgrid: Email service provided by sprint into the application to send transactional email
  • Authentication(for verification used user flow)
Technical Implementations Technical Implementations

Project Screenshots

Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application
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