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Component based Form Builder targets the .Net based applications where the form builder module is integrated with the application and is used as an added control.
As full stack developers we have been working to provide a control that can be included in any application, where there is a need for a flexible form builder that will allow them to collect information and to reduce the dependency on the technical team and provide the facility to the users/admin staff to create forms as and when required are the main reasons the form builder was used as a component.


  • Form Builder with Drag & Drop functionality
  • Layman can create templates and forms from the template
  • Build as component library, can be added as a component in any Asp.Net application
  • JQuery/Ajax call for fetching and posting the data without post back.
  • Controls- text box, select box, multiselect box, checkbox, dropdowns, radio buttons
  • Editable element properties (like name, class, label)
  • Option to Preview and edit
  • Versioning of the templates is maintained
  • The templates and form data are stored in XML format
  • Layout elements
  • Form controls
  • Date picker, Time picker
  • Dropdown, List box, Radio list, Checkboxes binding to a list
Addiction Substance Abuse Management jQuery Microsoft SQL Server HTML 5 XML AJAX ASP .NET Webforms Microsoft .NET MVC CSS 3
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