Addiction Substance Abuse Management

Cloud Based EHR
for behavioral

Cloud Based EHR for behavioral healthcare

Complete end-to-end Behavioral Health and Human Services EHR developed to cater to specific Behavioral Healthcare segments in the US. The proposed solution is an Enterprise cloud-based solution developed specifically for a niche area that empowers Behavioral Health and Human Services organizations to streamline their processes and provide patients with Value-based care. It allows multiple organizations to manage their services and provide comprehensive, seamless care, operations management, and intuitive analytics which allows decision-makers to make informed decisions ahead. The architecture is made scalable and robust to accommodate ever-rising needs in Healthcare Space.


  • Enterprise cloud-based platform EHR platform designed especially for Behavioral Mental Health and Substance Abuse
  • Allows multiple organizations with diverse services to seamlessly use the platform for services like:-
  • Clinical care management 
  • Revenue Cycle management
  • IOP services
  • Patient Management – Registration, Scheduling, Prescriptions, Bed Management, Lab Results, Medication, and Ordering
  • Primary care services
  • Architecture structured to handle multiple interfaces, processes, workflows, and reports to provide integrated care solutions. 
  • Clinical Data Access Grouping (CDAG) feature has been implemented allowing the grouping of various programs together and giving role-based access to specific users under a group. Enhances overall clinical data security
  • Billing and Claims 
  • Messaging and Alerts – Communication, Sensitive information sharing in a secure environment
  • Custom Reporting and Staff Productivity Management - Enhanced BI reporting allowing data-driven decision making.
  • HIPAA Compliant software
Addiction Substance Abuse Management
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