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B2C Marketplace
for Medical Tourism


B2C Marketplace for Medical Tourism

The proposed platform is a B2C/online healthcare marketplace following HIPAA Compliance for patients to discover and book medical treatments around the world. It allows hospitals/clinics and patients/users to list and discover/book medical facilities respectively. The platform provides a funnel whereby patients from an origin country seeking medical procedures can seamlessly connect to the relevant hospital to perform a particular procedure in the destination country.

Be it Cancer treatment, Cardiac Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Orthopaedic, fertility treatment, or any other treatment, the proposed solution aims to connect people to unique medical experiences across the globe. The medical marketplace’s mission is to provide the patient, with the premiere decision-making tool which connects patients to the most reputable medical centers in the world. They can search, compare, and book a treatment at the best medical centers around the world. 

If users find a clinic, they can request a free quote from the clinic and will receive a personalized treatment plan along with the price. After user book their treatment, the company assist them with the formalities relating to their medical travel arrangements, in cooperation with the hospital


  • Appointment and scheduling
  • Doctor Profile
  • Patient Profile
  • KPI Based user driven Dashboards
  • Integrated Twilio for In-app Messages
  • Integrated Stripe Connect for Payment processing/billing.
  • Implemented Split payments, refunds
  • Service Providers can customize Quotations in 5 different steps:
    • Consultation
    • Pre Treatment
    • Main Treatment
    • After Care
    • Extra Services
  • Customisable questionnaire
  • Customizable Treatment Plans 
  • Ability to manage category/sub-category/treatments as an Admin user
  • User Ratings.
  • E-Gifts.
Addiction Substance Abuse Management Addiction Substance Abuse Management
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