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IoT-Based Indoor Asset
Tracking System Streamlining Assets Workflow

IoT-Based Indoor Asset Tracking System Streamlining Assets Workflow

Indoor asset tracking is a system that tracks the location and movement of assets in indoor environments like hospitals, factory floors, and offices. Challenges like limited line-of-sight, interference, attenuation, and accuracy requirements make indoor asset tracking more difficult than outdoor asset tracking.

Developed an IoT-based asset tracking system that is mainly developed to enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs by providing real-time visibility into the location and status of assets within indoor environments. Used BLUETOOTH LOW ENERGY(BLE) tags to track assets. This application mainly targets offices,  hospitals, etc. One of the core features was determining the position of BLE tags within an indoor environment considering the absence of GPS, though acquiring the precise location of the tags proved challenging but implemented a custom algorithm to determine the distance between the tags plus the location of the gateways. To provide more insight, below are some of the functionalities of the proposed IoT-based asset management system-

Real-Time Asset Tracking

The application provides real-time location updates using GPS, sensors, and BLE tags (Bluetooth Low Energy). This allows for continuous monitoring and movement detection of assets. Geofencing alerts are triggered when assets move beyond predefined boundaries, which enhances facility management and security.

Asset Management

Effective asset management begins with registering and tagging assets with unique identifiers and BLE tags. This ensures each asset, whether in healthcare or other sectors, is easily traceable. The system maintains an up-to-date inventory, allowing users to search and locate assets quickly.

Data Collection and Analytics

The application logs data from sensors, GPS, and AOA indoor positioning locators, providing detailed asset information. Using MQTT for data communication, the system collects real-time data on asset location and movement history. This data is analyzed to optimize asset utilization and enhance facility management strategies.


Developed on NodeJs & Angular, the application uses state-of-the-art technologies to ensure efficiency, scalability, and seamless integration with existing enterprise systems, making it convenient for businesses to track the location of their assets in a defined geo-location/business premise.

Key Features & Capabilities -

  • A comprehensive user dashboard that provides an all-encompassing view of asset locations and statuses.
  • Dynamic floor/site planning management
  • Integration tags and ble devices for accurate indoor tracking.
  • Real-time location tracking data for assets.
  • Sends real-time alerts for critical updates, such as low battery levels, maintenance needs, or unauthorized movements.
  • Quick response to dynamic requirements
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